The Tories retreat over legal independence

Published Apr 27, 2017


The news that the Tories are to overturn their long held policy on the UK leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights betrays a clear message that they are backsliding on Brexit, said Peter Jewell, the UKIP Justice spokesman.

Peter Jewell said, "Mrs May is now on the slide with Brexit. The papers are full of her friendly embrace with Mr Juncker, the European Commission President.

"In what appears to be a free gift to the EU following that meeting she has signalled that we are to keep the European Convention of Human Rights enshrined in our law.

"This means that our Judges will not have the power to return dangerous criminals and terrorists back to their country if they fear and so called bad treatment.

"UKIP has long warned that the EU soft soap would start to take effect. We believe that if we handle the negotiations this way, by abandoning key aspects of legal and constitutional independence we will open ourselves up to even greater demands from the EU. Who hands over a strategic goal without a fight?

"Why should our taxpayers' money be used to molly coddle the whims of the EU. British law or should I say England and Wales law with slight variations in Scotland should be our law not a soft option mixture with the EU. So here we start, does Brexit mean Brexit? Seemingly not. UKIP will fight and ensure that we are the guard dogs of Brexit.

"The gap between the Tories rhetoric - all 'Brexit means Brexit' tough talk, and the reality in this case, and on the so called divorce bill and on migration numbers makes it clear that no matter what she says, we cannot trust a word of it".

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