The TUC no longer represents British Workers say UKIP

Published Jan 27, 2016

jane-collins.jpgThe TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady by her slavish endorsement of the European Union show s that she no longer cares about British workers. By supporting Britain’s continued membership of the European Union

Jane Collins MEP, the UKIP Employment spokesman responded, "Britain's unions have shown their allegiance to the multinational companies who make money from cheap labour provided by the EU.

“If they were really on the side of the British worker they'd be fighting for Brexit.

"There can be no clearer example than the steel workers across England and Wales who are unemployed because of the rules and regulations of Brussels, including green taxes, the emissions directive and the European Commission controlling state aid.”

“They don’t even care about their own member’s jobs and wages as the impact of mass low skilled immigration on the UK is mostly felt by the poorest and weakest in society on low paid jobs or looking for work.

The Bank of England study released this month makes it clear that job security and wages are being kept down for millions as a result of migration”.

"Unions were the ultimate grass roots organisation. Now they are about feathering their own nests"

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