The UK should refuse to discuss a security deal until the ransom demand is dropped

Published Sep 18, 2017

It is axiomatic that the EU will agree a comprehensive partnership with the UK on security and serious crime, because the UK’s security assets are far better than those of the EU states, said UKIP. The UK will continue to work closely with its partners inside and outside the EU to defeat terrorism and cross-border crime.

UKIP home affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP said, "The jewel in the crown of this nation's security is our membership of Five Eyes. Nothing should jeopardise that relationship."

"We must be careful to make sure that any future partners we share information with are secure and in particular compatible with our existing relationships, especially with the United States, which has raised concerns in the past.

"I also question the morality of the UK being involved in the European Arrest Warrant which disregards Habeas Corpus in its forelock tugging allegiance to European magistrates who need provide no prima facia evidence before they release the hounds on potentially innocent Brits."

Steve Crowther, UKIP's interim leader continued,

“There is no question that the EU will want to continue and indeed improve security co-operation with the UK, whose intelligence networks and capabilities are ‘premier league'.

“However, as M. Barnier refuses to talk about ongoing relationships until the UK accedes to his ransom demand, the UK should politely decline to discuss security until that matter is out of the way – in other words, until the ransom demand is dropped and sensible talks can proceed.

“Since M. Barnier’s intransigence is based on the fact that, rather than being a negotiator, he is a man repeating, ever more loudly, a non-negotiable mandate given to him by the 27 states, this should concentrate the minds of those states and enable a proper negotiation to commence.”


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