The unelected Lords Should Not Meddle in Brexit

Published Jan 30, 2018

UKIP Leader Henry Bolton has today called for the House of Lords to ‘keep to its scrutiny role and otherwise keep out of Brexit’

The unelected House of Lords should not be meddling in the democratic mandate issued by 17.4 million people, demanding that we leave the European Union. UKIP is opposed to having a completely unelected chamber attempting to pervert democracy.

Mr Bolton said: “It is quite frankly an affront to democracy for the unelected House of Lords to be meddling in the EU Withdrawal Bill in contradiction to the decision made on 23 June 2016. Who do these people think they are?

“UKIP has always questioned the relevance of House of Lords in its present form and we believe that any attempt to halt or delay Brexit is wholly unacceptable. It places the House of Lords in opposition to the majority of the British People”.

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