There should be no compromise over equality before the law

Published Jun 28, 2017

Suggestions the the Government are willing to create an UK/EU body to oversee the rights of EU citizens in the UK post Brexit have been denounced by UKIP

Peter Jewell, the UKIP Justice spokesman responded, "Has the Tory Government flipped their lid completely, what happened to “Brexit means Brexit” It seems that Michel Barnier the EU’s chief negotiator expects that EU citizens rights should be enforced by the ECJ. At least Mrs May has rejected that. Government sources are now suggesting that Mrs May is going soft and is willing to have some sort of joint tribunal with the EU to sit in Judgement of such matters. This is a watered down compromise and UKIP say it is unacceptable. Why should British people be subject to one law and EU citizens resident in the UK another law? Sorry it will only mean more bureaucracy, more cost and special treatment. Our Courts may not be perfect and right every time but that is why we have many appeal processes I would rather have our British Judges any day. It is a fundamental aspect of civil society that people should be treated equally by the law, having this body can only mean that EU citizens living in the UK would have different rights. The cannot be any compromise on this.

"It is simple Mr Barnier we are going now, no more money and if you want to continue trading with Britain and a trade deficit of close to 90 Billion, let me see if I have enough noughts, £90,000,000,000 then we would love to talk to you. Our law is our law and Monsieur Barnier get used to it."

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