Theresa May's turf battles with the police are getting in the way of operational efficiency

Published Oct 22, 2015

Diane_James.jpgUKIP Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James MEP: "Theresa May's turf battles with the police and specifically Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe are getting in the way of operational efficiency. This constant war of words is unhelpful, unnecessary and unwarranted.

"Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and his officers work at the 'coal face' of the issues facing officers whilst Mrs May sits in her ivory Westminster tower.

"Yes there are issues with extending diversity representation across all UK police forces but this needs to happen in a measured and effective way not just so Mrs May can satisfy political correctness on meeting targets.

"Instead of more mealy mouthed words and unpleasant and unnecessary attacks on our police forces, she should stop sapping morale further and fund the police men and women properly.


"Having met Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe he is a tough cookie but he is reasonable and when it comes down to it, the public should have more faith in what he says versus his boss who seems hellbent on undermining our police chiefs."

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