Thousands of houses and many threats, but doesn't address the root causes of the problem

Published Mar 05, 2018

The Prime Minister's speech today on the housing crisis which threatened bot local councils and developers alike will fail to deal with the problem of housing unless the Government she leads gets serious about why we need so many houses in the first place. The hundreds of thousands of migrants who make their way to this country every year who, naturally all need somewhere to live.

Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP leader said,

"The PM managed to manage to make this speech without mentioning the root cause of this problem, that is the year on year total of people moving to this country. According to the Office for National Statistics last year that was 244,000 people, each and every one of them needing a roof over their head. In these circumstances, housing prices are rising, and of course, key workers on low average wages are finding it harder and harder to find affordable housing.

"Her plans for 10000 of houses will change the face of England and result in massive infrastructure problems and costs, whilst simultaneously concreting over more and more of our precious green spaces. 

"The principal cause of this building bonanza is unlimited and uncontrolled immigration, both from the EU and the wider world.

"The Prime Minister and her Government have their heads in the sand and we will need to build never ending millions of new homes unless the demand for housing created by mass immigration is curtailed.

"Yes, we do have a massive problem in the housing market, but these plans no matter how radical to ramp up building programs can never deal with the demand created by immigration.

"Unless the government are honest about this then nothing will ever change apart from our environment".

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