Why Tilbury illegal immigrants should be denied asylum


TimAker.jpgThurrock’s MEP and candidate for Parliament Tim Aker has today called for the illegal migrants found in Tilbury Docks not to be given asylum as it sends a “soft-touch message” to the rest of the world.

Mr. Aker was today visiting Tilbury Port in Thurrock himself to see what the situation on the ground was like.

Tim Aker MEP said: “Thousands and thousands of migrants try and come to Britain in the legal and proper manner. We must not send a soft-touch message to the rest of the world that those who come here illegally will be allowed to stay.

“Doing so simply encourages more people to risk their lives resulting in fatalities as we have recently seen and encourages people traffickers.

"People in Thurrock and right across the country are sick and tired of illegal immigrants coming here and being allowed to stay.

“I'm absolutely certain that the best way to stop further such tragedies is to send a firm but fair message: that Britain is a place only those who play by the rules are welcome to come to, in a controlled and safe way. Illegal immigrants who attempt to smuggle themselves into our country should be returned to the first safe country."

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