Tim Aker MEP criticises Juncker European Commission stitch-up


Tim Aker MEP has today criticised the choice of Jean-Claude Juncker as EU Commission President as a "stitch-up".

"The European Parliament had only one candidate to vote for today as EU Commission President and I will vote against him. Jean Claude Juncker is the business-as-usual candidate, and proof enough that David Cameron's renegotiation plans are pure junk. He thinks open door immigration is a fringe issue. He wants the EU to control more powers, especially over energy, not realising that EU energy policies push up bills and cost jobs. For these Eurocrats, there are no problems, no mass youth unemployment or economic malaise. They just want more Europe at any cost.

"If Jean Claude Juncker is the "change" David Cameron wants to bring to the European Union, then UKIP will be the change the great British public will bring into Westminster next year."

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