Tim Aker outlines​ some of our 2015 policies


tim_.jpgUKIP’s Head of Policy Unit Tim Aker discusses our election platform as we continue to build our 2015 manifesto. There will be more detail released at our September Conference in Doncaster, tickets can be purchased here.

"We’re beyond left-right, authoritarian-libertarian—those arguments are for university common rooms. Our people want to know how we’re going to make their lives easier, simpler and how they can just get on and feel more comfortable. That’s it. It’s a blue-collar platform, but for people that want to aspire to achieve absolutely anything."

“We want to take low earners out of income tax altogether. No tax on the minimum wage. We are for flatter, simpler and lower taxes.”

We will also be making some cuts to deal with the deficit, “Foreign aid is an obvious target. We are looking to shrink the Department for Energy & Climate Change. There are elements of BIS [Business, Innovation and Skills] that we are looking into.”

“There will be a Veterans Department to bring all of the different support organisations under one roof. Veterans’ care can be fully supported and we will be outlining at conference policies what the Veterans’ Department will be actively doing.”

“We are firmly against the bedroom tax.”

“New migrants to this country will not be eligible for any welfare benefits until they have been paying tax and national insurance for five years. There will be an offer for people who have paid into the pot and find themselves for a considerable amount of time unemployed—higher jobseekers’ allowance. We are prioritising people who work and pay into the pot instead of people who have made a living out of having children so that they can get more benefits and a bigger house.”

“A condition of entry to Britain will be to have health insurance that the NHS recognises. Show your passport, show your medical insurance—simple. We’d be more like Australia, If you come here to do a job, that’s fantastic. But you must contribute more than you take out. You must show that you have been working in that profession for 12 of the last 24 months, that you can speak English and that you won’t need tax credits. We have a plan to increase the strength of the border force, which needs to become a government priority.”

“There is a discussion going on about whether foreign governments have the right to buy up stakes in our national assets and national resources. There’s lots of concern that so much energy is controlled by foreign governments and without saying ‘we are not open for business’ we want to redress that balance… It’s an ongoing debate. You’ll see the conclusion of it in the manifesto.”

“We have got two elections to change this country, we have won one of them.”

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