Time to dispense with mandatory coalition in Stormont

Published Mar 11, 2015

mcnarry-ukip1.jpgUKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA says : “It may take some refining and require some gutsy, hard argued negotiations but mandatory coalition isn’t working and needs to be replaced.”

"UKIP will call upon whoever forms the next UK government after the general election for a voluntary coalition system in the NI Assembly to be implemented. The experiment of enforcing opposites to work with each other has created tensions, bad and painfully slow decision making and poor, sluggish, non-delivering government in the Northern Ireland Assembly. The losers have been the people of Northern Ireland shackled to a mandatory coalition of five parties which has had the effect of creating ineffective cantons of party-controlled departments instead of cohesive measures from a joined-up government across the Executive.”

“It can be done if all parties are brave enough to face up to the realities that the Northern Ireland people deserve better! It can be done between now and the Assembly election next year if a majority of the current Assembly representation request the next Westminster Government to initiate a transfer from mandatory to voluntary government.”

“The surprise outcome could be better, effective, efficient and stable government which would be preferred by most compared to the crisis laden situation regularly faced at Stormont. What cannot continue is the guaranteed place in power in perpetuity which exists today providing a government with no compulsion to make it work.”

“The move from mandatory to voluntary coalition has to happen sometime. Change has to come sometime. How long must we wait for it? Northern Ireland's electorate are among the most astute in the Western democracies. How far our political parties matured remains to be seen but surely even they must recognise the lamentable, hamstrung, non-delivering exercise mandatory coalition has proved to be.”

“UKIP propose a review of the current mandatory system and want to replace it with a voluntary coalition. A review should first be agreed to by all the parties with elected representation in Parliament, the Assembly, in Europe and in the local councils. Following initial agreement, party representatives could then set about formulating the mechanisms necessary to move Northern Ireland's government institutions forward from mandatory to voluntary coalition structures.”

“We simply cannot continue as we are. It really is time to move on and test the prospect of a voluntary coalition by the reception to this UKIP proposal. Coalition governments are normal practice across the world but nowhere has the enforced coalition, visited on the now weary electorate of Northern Ireland.”

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