Times story falls apart as key source reveals his responses were distorted by the paper


David Samuel- Camps who was quoted in The Times smear piece today has written to the paper making clear that the story has distorted his responses to the questions he was posed. We publish his full unabridged letter below:

“Mr Kenber and Mr Mostrous,

Re: Nigel Farage and office costs

"I am extremely concerned that in your report you have distorted my responses to your questions regarding the Lyminster office costs.

"On the front page you quote me as stating that the costs were £3000 per year. This is grossly incorrect. I told you that the previous manager had tied the office into some supply contracts and as a result the monthly costs were some £2000. I told you several times that I eventually reduced the costs to £700 per month. When I went to school we were taught the times tables and that £700 times 12 equals £8400 (which is not too far removed from Mr Farage’s £1000 per month) so where on earth did you come up with a figure of £3000?

"At no time did I say that “electricity, heating, and business rates at the office totalled less than £250 a month”. I told you that I could not remember the individual amounts as it was over four years ago but they would have been in the region of £200 each.

"Later, you then contradict yourselves by quoting me as saying that the costs were £700 per month - which is correct. You asked me a number of times about the £700/month figure which I confirmed several times; again I have to ask how does £700 per month equate to £3000 per year? I should also point out that our conversations were witnessed.

"To the best of knowledge and belief I was completely honest in my answers and resent the fact that those answers have been completely distorted. I did warn you that there is a small minority who are 'mischief makers' – one in particular who would go to any lengths to destroy Mr Farage’s reputation.

"I expect you to publish corrections as outlined above.

"Finally, I should point out that the Lyminster is nowhere near Bognor Regis; it is on the outskirts of Littlehampton, a fact that could have been verified by looking at an AA road atlas!"

David Samuel-Camps BA (Hons) Dip. PA

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