To the biggest come the biggest rewards - and it must end

Published Sep 14, 2017

Revelations on the commons Public Accounts Committee about the way in which online retail giants dodge tax payments have been slammed by UKIP.

UKIP Small Business spokesman Ernie Warrender put the full weight of UKIP behind the call for on line retailers to behave like all other retailers and charge VAT.

"Having spoken to many people it is apparent the system does not work. Parcels and goods from the USA seem to attract the attention of HMRC, parcels from countries like China do not. This gives them a 20% price advantage that is both unfair and, in a country where our Government needs every single penny of tax (Because they spend it so wisely??) British businesses, particularly smaller businesses and start ups, are being put at a huge disadvantage.

"Every British retailer must charge VAT. Just enforce that law on Amazon, Ebay, and the other big boys"

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