Today’s announcement confirms our worst fears and could be the end of steel production in Scotland

Published Oct 20, 2015

David_Coburn.jpgFollowing the news that Tata Steel is to cut 1,200 jobs in Scunthorpe and Scotland, David Coburn MEP, Leader UKIP Scotland, said: “This announcement confirms our worst fears and could be the end of steel production in Scotland.

“We must immediately put in place practical measures to ensure the future of Dalzell and Clydebridge, a good starting point would be mothballing the sites to maintain the infrastructure and provide short time work until a future can be secured for this most iconic and important of industries, the 400 workers and communities which rely on them deserve better than half-hearted words from a toothless task force.

“The SNP’s slavish following of EU directives including the closure of Longannet Power station and covering the countryside in wind turbines has increased the price of power in Scotland and consequently made Scottish steel uncompetitive in world markets.

“I believe our steel makers can compete successfully with the world given a level playing field and government should be helping to offset energy costs, stop the dumping of cheap Chinese steel in Europe and committing to use UK steel in all major infrastructure projects, though of course EU rules forbid to so.

“I am in discussions with representatives of management and the trade unions and will do everything possible to stop the closure of these plants which provided steel for some of our mightiest ships such as The Queen Mary, QE2 and HMS Hood, put simply we must show some mettle and save Scottish steel.”

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