Tony Blair ‘will offer surrender’ to EU today, as Labour’s feuding wings ally to undermine May, says UKIP

Published Aug 31, 2017

£80 billion EU ransom demand and Free Movement of People will be conceded following deal brokered by Keir Starmer

Tony Blair will today privately inform EU President Juncker that Labour is ready to change sides and help the EU undermine Theresa May, in a bid to bring the government down, according to UKIP' interim leader Steve Crowther.

In a deal between the warring Blairite and far-left wings of the party, facilitated by Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer, the two sides have agreed to sacrifice the party’s commitment to Brexit in a bid to damage the Conservative government.

“We know that the anti-Brexit wing in Labour have been mobilised in the past few days. Tony Blair’s visit to President Juncker has been carefully choreographed with Keir Starmer’s announcement of a policy U-turn, and Labour outlyers floating the prospect of a reversal of Brexit”, said UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther today.

“Starmer has a foot in both camps, but is absolutely committed to the UK remaining within the EU, and keeping freedom of movement for the whole of Europe.

“Tony Blair has never made any secret of the fact that he is not interested in the future of this country as an independent nation outside the EU. His work since leaving office and becoming a multi-millionaire adviser to foreign oligarchs has been all about Globalisation – and he has form.

“In 2005 he gave back to the EU – in exchange for nothing at all – a large proportion of the rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher, which cost the country more than £11 billion in just four years, and every working family £700 by 2015.

“Jeremy Corbyn has now been persuaded – by people on both the right and the far left of the Labour party – that damaging the Tories is more important than achieving a successful Brexit negotiation. Given his track record, conceding the EU’s outrageous ransom demand for £80 billion just to continue negotiating will seem a price worth paying to Tony Blair.”

The UK Government must now refuse to resume negotiations until the ransom demand is dropped, and the EU engages seriously with the proposals for the Irish border and related trade and immigration arrangements, said Crowther.

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