Tories all at sea on Human Rights Act and ECHR as inconsistencies become clear

Published Jun 01, 2015

Diane_James.jpgResponding to news that David Cameron is in a split with Theresa May and Michael Gove over human rights, Diane James MEP, UKIP’s Justice and Home Affairs spokeswoman said:

“The inconsistencies and dishonesty of the Tory position is today becoming clear to all as Gove and May have a public spat with the Prime Minister.

“The plain facts are, while we are members of the EU the UK must be signatories of the ECHR and our Supreme Court is subservient to the European Court in Strasbourg on human rights matters.

“Chris Grayling's eight-page strategy now taken off-line, promised to 'restore sovereignty to Westminster' through a parliamentary override, breaking the formal link between British courts and the European court of human rights

“Before the election, David Cameron claimed he would reform Britain’s relations with the ECHR. Once again, Mr Cameron was not occupying the landscape of fact but of PR and spin. The facts are these: the UK is bound by international treaties, and being a signatory of the ECHR is a requirement of EU membership. European Commissioner Viviane Reding confirmed this in an answer to a written question from Nigel Farage two years ago. And just to drive the point home, Article 1 of the European Convention requires the UK to ‘secure to everyone within [its] jurisdiction the rights and freedoms defined in Section I of this Convention.’

“And if that was not clear, the UK is bound by Article 46.1 of the Convention which requires us “to abide by the final judgment of the Court in any case” to which we are a party.

“The Human Rights Act is basically a summation of the ECHR in British law. While we are members of the EU and signatory of the European Convention there is no scope for our Supreme Court to be just that – supreme.

“So once again David Cameron tried to buy public support by promising something which he should knew in advance he could not deliver.

“Only UKIP's plan to pull out of the EU and ECHR can deliver the necessary change the British people need and want.”

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