Tories and Labour thrash around to find a coherent Immigration policy

Published Jan 12, 2017

pZCIEEd9.jpegTories and Labour thrash around to find a coherent Immigration policy, with David Lammy and a crowd of senior Union and NGO figures calling for continued unlimited immigration, and Robert Goodwill, the Immigration Minister coming up with a scheme that will penalise business, restrict talent, yet do little to control our borders.

John Bickley, the UKIP Immigration spokesman commented, "Yet again we see a Labour MP throwing stones in a glass house. On June 23rd the British people made it clear that they wanted to Leave the EU. Now one of their senior MPs, David Lammy tells us that politicians are “detached” from mass swathes of the public, yet his own actions confirm that he is one of those 'detached' politicians. He wants the referendum to be rerun and he voted against the triggering of Article 50, so both the words hypocrite and sore loser come to mind.

"The Labour Party is led by a man who for the last forty years has been been anti EU but bizarrely claims he now wants to remain in the Single Market, which means the UK effectively doesn't leave the EU. Let me help the poor deluded Labour Party: we voted to leave the EU, no if's, no but's. If I serve out a prison sentence I don't expect, as I walk out the the main gate to be tapped on the shoulder by the governor & told I might be free but have to return each day to the prison for my meals. Leave means Leave!

"And if Labour's deluded thinking wasn't bad enough, we have the Tory Party's Immigration Minister no less, at the Home Affairs Select Committee, proposing to slap a £1,000 'fine' on any company recruiting workers from outside the EU, with the possibility of extending the punishment to EU workers after Brexit. Instead of the Tory Party thrashing about because of their incompetence in bringing immigration down to the 'tens of thousands' (Cameron & May's 'promise') why don't they just get on with controlling non EU immigration in a fair and equitable fashion by using an Australian type points based system. If they're incapable of doing so then can they call a general election and let UKIP deliver the will of the people on Brexit and begin the overdue process of getting our out of control immigration system under control".

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