Tories Cut Border Force Not Fit For Purpose

Published Jul 13, 2017

Today, an official report revealed that almost half the entry points on the East coast were not visited by Border Force staff for over a year. This meant there was no ‘visible deterrent’ to people smugglers or traffickers of drugs and firearms.

David Bolt, who is Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, also found that (i) criminal gangs are so brazen they offer illegal migrants three chances of entering the UK for the price of one, (ii) the number of illegals caught near major ports on the East coast nearly doubled, (iii) border officials at Harwich in Essex were not checking cars arriving on ferries, (iv) funding for the Border Force is being cut by the Tories despite ‘vast and increasing’ numbers of people and goods arriving in the UK & (v) staff use Victorian ink technology to take fingerprints from migrants instead of modern scanners.

The report is the latest to warn of the gaping hole in Britain’s borders at smaller ports. The UK terror watchdog has warned this could give terrorists or foreign fighters an easy route in.

It revealed 27 out of 62 small ports were not attended by any Border Force staff over 15 months from April 2015 to June 2016. That period coincided with a vast influx of migrants into Europe.

John Bickley, UKIP's Immigration Spokesman said, "British citizens will be appalled by this report which clearly shows that the government and Border Force are failing to protect our borders and country from mass illegal immigration. UKIP set out in its 2017 manifesto the urgent need to recruit another 4,000 Border Force personnel. This report shows, yet again that only UKIP can be trusted to get to grips with uncontrolled mass immigration, both legal and illegal. Theresa May was Home Secretary for seven years and bears much of the responsibility for this catastrophic and incompetent failure to secure our borders, however Amber Rudd, the current Home Secretary appears to be no better, going down the road of cutting back Border Force numbers, which given the Chief Inspector's findings is bordering on the farcical". 

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