Tories Fail Again to Achieve 'Tens Of Thousands' Net Immigration Target

Published Nov 30, 2017

In the year to June 2017, nearly 600,000 immigrants came to the UK resulting in net immigration of 230,000, a fall from the previous year's very high net migration figure. Net migration had been increasing since 2012; the recent fall sees net migration returning to the level last seen in 2014, still way higher than the historical average.

John Bickley, UKIP's Immigration Spokesman said, "Any fall in net immigration is to be welcomed, however allowing almost 600,000 immigrants into the UK, more than the population of Manchester shows that the government continues to be grossly negligent in the control of our borders, despite two Tory prime ministers promising to bring net immigration down to the 'tens of thousands'. Either the Tories are incompetent or misleading the public, likely both.

"In July to September 2017, there were 2.38 million EU nationals employed in the UK, up 112,000 on the same period the previous year and in the year to June 2017, nearly 28,500 EU nationals applied to become British citizens, up 80% compared with the previous year. So much for the claim from the Remainers and Project Fear supporters that EU citizens are fleeing the country after and because of Brexit".

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