Tories give game away with patronising bingo campaign



UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall has slammed the Conservative Party's patronising new bingo campaign.

Paul Nuttall said: "The Tories have given the game away on this by taking an ultra patronising approach, laying out how 'they' enjoy bingo. Cameron's Conservatives are clearly too removed from ordinary people to have any idea about such activities.

"Well sorry but we in UKIP live in the real world rather than a privileged bubble. We do go to the bingo, see the damage that open door immigration does in working class communities and how economic plight continues to blight the lives of many of the poorest in our society.

"This government is dangerously out of touch and all the while it continues to run up a huge deficit and add to our national debt, disengaged from the political reality of Britain today."

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