Tories hypocrisy over Trident plans

Published Apr 09, 2015

11083759_832646366782968_7317523435120002435_o.pngUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has branded the Conservatives “hypocrites” after they announced their plans today for a like for like Trident replacement. Mike also called into question the Conservatives true commitment to the UK’s nuclear deterrent, when they have so far totally failed to commit to meeting the minimum 2% of GDP target set by NATO for its members.

Mike said, “How can the Conservatives say they are committed to a ‘like for like’ replacement for Trident, when they so easily jumped into bed with the anti-Trident Liberal Democrats in 2010. This is sheer hypocrisy, and an empty promise that will very easily be forgotten in any coalition talks after the election.”

“The economics of replacing Trident mean that the Conservatives would have to spend at least 2% of GDP on defence to make this programme a reality. However, they have so far totally failed to commit to our NATO allies post 2016, and I feel today’s announcement is nothing more than an empty platitude to attract core Tory voters to the ballot box.”

“Let’s remember, this is the same party that has starved our armed forces of funding, slashed our operational capability and handed P45’s to thousands of troops. How can anyone trust anything they say about guaranteeing the defence of this nation?”

“UKIP are the only party so far to commit to spending a minimum of 2% of GDP on defence; support and fully fund the renewal of Britain's nuclear deterrent and commit to spending an estimated £16bn more than the Tories on defence over the next parliament.”

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