Tories will let us down on immigration

Published May 07, 2017

The failure of the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd to answer simple questions on immigration today shows that the Tories are "completely at sea", says John Bickley, the UKIP immigration spokesman.

Bickley who will be launching the UKIP immigration policy tomorrow attacked Rudd after she repeatedly failed to commit to the long standing Tory policy of tens of thousands net immigration figures per year.
"They are lost", said Bickley, "They know that last year's referendum result was driven in a large part by our country’s desire to take back control of immigration, but there is no will in the Tory party to deliver this. Either they maintain their policy created by Theresa May of tens of thousands, a promise they have failed to deliver in seven years, or they drop it and admit that they have no intention to deliver what the country demands. 
"The Tories are so in hock to their big business multi-national corporate chums that they would rather see wages for working people in this country driven down by mass migration rather than acting to control immigration in the best interests of this nation.
"It is only UKIP who are serious about delivering concrete measures to control immigration".


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