Tory Europe Minister running scared of UKIP


Yesterday's BBC Daily Politics saw UKIP's Head of Policy Unit Tim Aker push the party's agenda of Britain leaving the EU. After the interview Europe Minister David Lidington attacked UKIP's position.

Mr. Aker was not allowed in the studio nor to debate Mr. Lidington apparently due to the Minister not wanting to debate with UKIP.

Tim Aker said: "After Nigel Farage crushed Nick Clegg and the pro-EU establishment in the debates, it would seem that the Conservative Party are running scared of UKIP.

"The pro-EU Tories are obviously terrified of UKIP's arguments that we should leave the EU, restore border controls and regain control of our democracy. 

"David Lidington's refusal to debate me and UKIP on these important issues demonstrates utter cowardice from this limp pro-EU government. Not even they seem to believe in their absurd, weak, duplicitious so-called 'reform' agenda. 

"I would like to issue a direct challenge to David Lidington to debate these important issues with me next week on the Daily Politics.

"The Conservative Party can run but come the European Elections on May 22nd, they will not be able to hide from the verdict of voters across the country."​

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