Tory Government to Accelerate Immigration from the EU

Published Oct 19, 2017

Today the Tory government stated that any EU citizens that come to the UK before we leave the EU will be given the 'right to remain'. It is not clear whether that is when we officially leave in 2019 or after an as yet unspecified 'transition' period.

John Bickley, UKIP's Immigration Spokesman said: "Since last year's referendum UKIP has made it clear that allowing uncapped numbers of EU citizens who arrive in the UK after the triggering of Article 50 the 'right to remain' would be reckless. Why should UK taxpayers have to fund the benefits and suffer the increased pressures placed on public services by a stampede of EU citizens rushing to the UK before it slams shut the open door operated for decades by both Tory and Labour governments.

A city almost the size of Birmingham has been added to the UK's population by EU net immigration since the Tories came to power in 2010. The population is growing at a rate per decade 400% more than it did in the '70's. Is it any wonder there is so much pressure on wages, jobs for Brits, housing, school places, GP appointments, social care places and hospital beds.

Over 3 million EU citizens reside in the UK, compared with only 1.2 million Brits living in all of the 27 EU countries, which only goes to show how uncontrolled immigration has benefited the EU.
The government needs to stop making concessions to EU bureaucrats, get a backbone and make it clear that the UK is leaving in 2019 and that the only EU citizens who will be given the 'right to remain' are those that arrived here before Article 50 was triggered".

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