Tory MP’s call for more foreign aid to cut immigration “fantasy land”

Published Apr 16, 2015

Tim_Aker.jpegUKIP’s Tim Aker has accused Thurrock’s Conservative MP of living in a “fantasy land” following her claims in a BBC Essex debate this morning that increasing foreign aid will help cut immigration.

Tim Aker said: “We’ve seen foreign aid and mass immigration both increase under this Tory government, so this incoherent argument from Thurrock’s Tory MP once again demonstrates how badly out of touch she is.

“Residents in Thurrock want a local champion who will argue that we should stop giving billions away abroad and spend it here instead.

“They also want an MP with a plan to bring immigration down. UKIP want to leave the EU and have an Australian-style points system. The Tories have no answer – foreign aid and immigration have soared on their watch. It is complete fantasy land.

“In a few weeks voters can cast their verdict on Conservative and Labour levels of mass immigration and foreign aid giveaways by voting UKIP and having an MP who puts local people first, not those abroad.”

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