Tory MPs accused of Brexit Hijack

Published Dec 06, 2016

S3u70E9A.jpgAfter reports that Tory backbenchers plan to join forces with Labour in a Brexit Commons vote tomorrow UKIP's Brexit Spokesman Gerard Batten MEP said, "The anti-Brexit majority in the Commons is clearly planning to use the drawn out Article 50 process to hijack Brexit. That is a total disgrace. More than 17 million Brexit voters are entitled to be disgusted. Only a surge of support for UKIP can get the establishment parties back into line, as it has done before.

"If Tory MPs vote with Labour on this issue they will be putting themselves in opposition to the people.

"The Referendum result was very clear: the British people voted to leave the European Union. This was not dependent on any ‘deal’, and the voters’ decision was not conditional in any way.

"These MPs hope to start a guerrilla war in the Commons by trying to gum-up the works in order to delay Brexit, and, they hope, eventually stop us leaving us at all. 

"They should accept the decision of the people and allow Mrs May to get on with the job."

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