Tougher sentences demanded for animal cruelty

Published Mar 31, 2016

jonathan_arnott_1.jpgJonathan Arnott MEP has called for tougher sentences to be introduced for animal cruelty. His demand came after two young thugs from Redcar walked free from court after subjecting a defenceless dog to a persistent attack so horrific that even experienced RSPCA investigators were shocked and sickened.

Andrew Frankish, 22, was videod repeatedly hurling a terrified bulldog, called Baby, down a flight of stairs as well as head butting and stamping on it for fun encouraged by his younger companion, now 18.

“What more barbaric suffering does someone have to inflict on an animal before they are sent straight to jail? posed Mr Arnott, UKIP MEP for the North East.

“I am glad that they have been banned from keeping animals for life but I have no doubt that all right minded people think that a 21-week suspended sentence was insufficient punishment.

“I believe that the sentencing guidelines for animal cruelty need to be urgently reviewed and tougher sentences recommended, particularly as sadly we increasingly hear about such abuse and neglect.

“At present 'unduly lenient' sentences can only be reviewed for certain offences such as murder, rape, child exploitation and robbery amongst others.

“I think that the law should be changed to add animal cruelty to that list so that appropriate punishment is meted out to offenders, particularly when such torture has been inflicted as in the case of Frankish and his unnamed accomplice,” said Mr Arnott.

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