Trade not aid should be the priority, says Margot Parker MEP

Published Dec 19, 2017

‘…Margot Parker MEP reacts to £180 million plans to stem the flow of migrants fleeing Africa…’

MARGOT Parker MEP has called for ‘trade not aid’ as the Government revealed it was pledging £180m of Britain’s foreign aid budget to stem the flow of migrants fleeing Africa.

International development secretary Penny Mourdant said the money would be used to build infrastructure, create jobs and stop smuggling routes across Libya, Sudan and Tanzania.

Margot Parker, UKIP deputy leader and the party’s spokesperson for aid and international development, said the money would be used to help people stay in their country by giving them cash and vouchers to buy food, health assistance and also helping returning migrants to integrate back into communities.

She said: “But it is trade not aid we should be concentrating on, not handing out money and vouchers.

“Despite the ongoing severe economic hardship being suffered by many people in this country, there is still a massive and increasing spend on foreign aid expenditure.

“Removing barriers to trade is a far more effective way to tackle poverty than giving aid hand-outs, which can provide incentives for corrupt leaders to stifle economic progress.

“This is where UKIP would focus - having escaped from the EU’s protectionism, which has a negative impact on international development, we would be better placed to help provide sustainable livelihoods for the world’s poorest people, by giving them free access to the British market.

“I am totally committed to creatively helping the poorest countries in the world with educational tools and the formation of apprenticeships to train people and help lift them out of poverty in a sustainable way by promoting trade between the UK and those countries

“We should be striving towards free and fair trade, not simply aid hand-outs.”

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