Trade with the Netherlands to remain good says Dutch PM

Published Aug 09, 2016

speech.jpg"Another day and another country makes it clear that it is in their own vital interests to maintain and strengthen trading links with a post Brexit Britain", said William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP International Trade spokesman.

Commenting after the Dutch PM Mark Rutte put his statement up on Facebook, Mr Dartmouth said:

"The Dutch are of course right, our links, historical, cultural and trading go back hundreds of years and will continue into the future. It is likely they will improve as an independent UK will be able to act more quickly and more flexibly to world trading patterns, in a way that will encourage greater inward investment from Dutch firms. Access to the Single Market is in no way required to strengthen those links.

"It is possible that Mr Rutte himself is looking over his shoulder at the Dutch electorate, who have now had two different referenda results which opposed further EU integration ignored."

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