Train Fare Rises: Ministers eyes on HS2 rather than the service we need and use

Published Jan 03, 2017

P1000955-300x225.jpgThe rail fare rises across the country which are hitting the low waged hardest are creating understandable anger the UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour MEP has said,

UKIP transport spokesman Jill Seymour said: “It’s no surprise that rail travellers are voicing their anger at these inflation-busting price rises. While their ticket prices continue to rise, the standard of customer service they are receiving continues to fall.

“I have long been advocating the need for extra money to be spent on improving our existing railway infrastructure and updating rolling stock – but there are other ways of paying for it.

“For starters" she said, "we could scrap the white elephant HS2 scheme, saving billions of pounds which we do not need to be spending.

“Consecutive governments have either ignored or delayed improvements to our current rail network, and made many cutbacks – now they are expecting customers to pay for their mismanagement. While prices rise, we are seeing a reducing level of service in some areas, and total absence of reliability or consistency.

“No wonder people are unhappy – we should not be expected to have to pay a premium for an unacceptably poor standard of transport.”

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