Turkey visa deal – a huge error of judgement says Farage

Published May 04, 2016

Nigel_Farage.jpegResponding to the European Commission move towards giving 75 million Turkish citizens visa-free travel to Europe
UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: "This is a huge error of judgement by the European Commission. Turkey moves a step closer to EU membership and the British electorate move a large step closer to Brexit.

"The chaos from the beaches of Greece has evidently moved to the corridors of Brussels. The EU has rolled over to the blackmail from President Erdogan.

"Turkey is a country with a terrible human rights record, accused of helping ISIS and mistreating minorities.

"It is too big, too poor and too different from us and I certainly do not want the UK to be in a political union with Turkey.

"Evidently Turkish accession to the EU is drawing closer, and the only way for Britain to avoid the consequences of Turkish accession is to vote to leave the EU. “

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