Tusk has called Cameron’s bluff – Cameron must now campaign to leave

Published Dec 07, 2015

paulspeech.jpgDavid Cameron has been told EU leaders cannot agree on his demand to ban EU migrants from claiming benefits for four years.
In a letter to the European Council, the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said Mr Cameron had raised "difficult" issues in his demands to reform the UK's deal with the European Union.

Responding Paul Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader and new Head of Delegation for the UKIP members of the European Parliament said:
“President Tusk has called Cameron’s bluff. Britain has been told we will get no substantial change on welfare benefits for EU migrants. Cameron must now follow through on his threat to campaign to leave the EU as he has not received even the minor changes that that he asked for.

"Given the refusal of those in Brussels to countenance meaningful changes in Britain’s relationship with the EU, the only honourable avenue left to David Cameron is to now campaign to leave. He put out that signal recently to EU leaders and must now follow through on his word.


"In this so-called renegotiation, Cameron asked for no meaningful changes, and that is exactly what he received. Britain deserves better than this.”

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