Tusk's plea too little, too late to stop vast migrant flow

Published Mar 04, 2016

Diane_James.jpgEuropean Council president, Donald Tusk has told economic migrants to stop coming to Europe in an apparent change of policy or at least tone. Responding UKIP Justice and Home Affairs spokesman, and Deputy Party Chairman, Diane James MEP said:

“This is too little too late to stop the vast migrant flow into Europe. The siren call of Angela Merkel has already gone out and a weak plea by Tusk not to come, will have no impact whatsoever.

"I would like to know did Tusk consult Angela Merkel before he said this because she certainly didn’t consult anybody before she gave her ‘Come All Ye’. She consulted neither the other heads of national governments nor even her own party in Germany.

"The numbers of people we are talking about is huge. The European Commission has estimated that 3 million migrants will come to the EU by 2017. This is just another reason why Britain should leave the EU’s political union and take back control of our own borders. As Paris and Cologne incidents have shown there is a huge security risk in this huge wave of immigration."

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