UK funds ‘pensions’ for Islamist terrorists in Palestine with UK taxpayers money, says UKIP

Published Aug 20, 2017

UK taxpayers are contributing more than £16m a year to EU funds which are used to reward Palestinian terrorists, according to UKIP, which has called on the payments to be stopped.

“Via EU development funds, of which we contribute 13%, and amounts to €138 million, the UK still paying over £16 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA) – despite the UK suspending direct payments from the Department for International Development over the issue of payments for terrorists in 2016”, said Lisa Duffy, the UKIP Development spokesman.

“The PA uses a full 8% of its annual budget to provide ’salaries' to Palestinians convicted of terrorist offences against Israel – payments which are larger than the salaries of some policemen, teachers and other public employees. They are on a sliding scale: the worse the offence, the higher the payment.

"The UK Government must demand the the EU stop spending its money on non-humanitarian work in Palestine. The UK has rightly stopped funding this directly, but due to our continued membership of the EU British taxpayers are paying to incentivise terror in Israel. It has to end".


A Translation of the PA legislation including a breakdown of the amounts spent

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