UK Jobs for Baltic workers​

Published Mar 12, 2015

Job_Advert_(2).pngUKIP today reveal an example of British jobs being deliberately and explicitly reserved for foreign workers.

The advertisement for a “UK project” demands that applicants are of “Baltic nationality” was issued by Oceanwide an agency that specialises in offshore work on Windfarms and in the maritime and oil sector.

The advert states: “We are urgently looking for AB/Riggers (stage 3) and AB/Forklift drivers with a Rigging and Slinging certificate for a project in the UK. Baltic nationality is required. Start end on March”.

Nigel Farage said, “It is this sort of anti-British worker discrimination that shows the disadvantage that British workers are facing in the jobs market.”

Jane Collins MEP, UKIP's Employment spokesman said: “It is a sad indictment of government that we are importing labour from the Baltic States to fill UK vacancies, when we still have 1.9 million people unemployed. This is a prime example of what UKIP has been saying about British jobs for British people, as it is simply ridiculous that only employees from the Baltic States should staff a UK project”.

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