UK must make it clear, no deal with anti-democratic Turkey

Published Mar 18, 2016

william.jpgWhile a team of Conservative politicians, keen to welcome Turkey into the EU live it up in Ankara the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has described the country as a place where Freedom and Democracy has "absolutely no value".

William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade spokesman said, "The President seems to see himself as the new Ottoman Sultan - an absolute monarch. But he is given support here in London by the Prime Minister and the Labour Party, and by Conservative politicians currently partying on his porch in Anatalya. Those Conservative MEPs are in the same political group as President Erdogan’s party.

"In the UK's national interest UKIP urges the PM and Labour to recognise that the facts have changed and changed irretrievably. Turkey must not become an EU member. It is high time the Government and the Labour Party let go of this reckless policy. If we stay in the EU, 75 million people in Turkey will have the right to migrate to the UK, and President Erdogan will have the most votes in the EU Council of Ministers."

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