UK must opt for global competitiveness over EU trade convenience, says UKIP

Published Sep 18, 2017

The UK must set its sights on maximising its global access, reach and competitiveness rather than being obsessed with maintaining frictionless trade with the EU states, said UKIP today.

“All the economic indicators suggest that there is a major global opportunity for the UK going forward, with manufacturing up, a highly competitive currency, record inward investment and a legal and commercial reputation which is universally trusted”, said UKIP Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth. 
“It would be crazy to become so obsessed with maintaining paper-free trade with the EU that we tie ourselves into their restrictive regulations and compliance regimes, and forfeit our competitive flexibility.
“All but 28 countries in the world currently manage to trade with the EU, outside the Single Market, without finding the conditions prohibitive. As our mutual dependence is great, so will be the wish to maintain a cooperative attitude in both directions. We should push on with trade talks without further delay, or if the political EU continues to insist on their ransom demand, walk away and trade on international terms until they return to the table.”
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