UK should remind the EU that they don't call the shots

Published Aug 15, 2017

UK should postpone any further Brexit talks until the EU’s negotiators abandon the ‘fantasy’ that they call the shots, says UKIP

The EU’s negotiating stance shows that they believe they are in charge of us and intend to remain so, and the UK should now suspend talks until the matter is resolved, says UKIP.

“Michel Barnier’s and Guy Verhofstadt’s dismissive response to the Government’s discussion paper on the transitional trading relationship demonstrates thatthey are the ones living in a fantasy world”, said UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther.

“The whole stance of the EU team has been that they will not discuss the terms of our future relationship until the so-called ‘divorce bill’ and the rights of EU citizens to be exempt from UK law have been agreed”.

“They are saying that they will not concede anything to us until we have acceded to their demands for a big pay-off and the ECJ continuing to over-ride UK law.

“Barnier and, in particular, Verhofstadt act as though they are the Kings of Europe with a Divine Right to control everything in it, regardless of whether we are in or out of their club.

“This is no basis for meaningful negotiation. The Governent should not have agreed to it in the pre-negotiation phase, and should refuse to negotiate further until it is changed, and all aspects of the deal can be discussed in parallel.”

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