UKIP AM Gareth Bennett calls on Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru to “build bridges with Westminster” over the renaming of the Second Severn Crossing

Published Apr 06, 2018
UKIP Assembly Member for South Wales Central, Gareth Bennett, has waded into the row over the renaming of the Second Severn Crossing. 
Speaking after critics of the change signalled their opposition to the UK Government’s plans to rename it the Prince of Wales Bridge, Gareth said:
“Rather than getting into a row about a name, Welsh Labour and their bedfellows in Plaid Cymru should be working to build bridges with the Government in Westminster to secure the Brexit that the people of Wales voted for.
"Coupled with their bogus legislation on a supposed 'power grab', the people of Wales will see this for what it is; a cynical attempt by Plaid and Welsh Labour to claim they’ve been hard done by yet again.
"The people of Wales voted by a clear majority for Brexit, far more than the very few who cling on to a vain hope of a 'Welsh Republic'. It’s time the establishment in Cardiff Bay and London got on with the day job and stopped their pointless virtue signalling.”
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