UKIP and McNarry speak on the current NI crisis

Published Sep 10, 2015


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA has said: “People should have listened to UKIP at the start of this crisis when we called for Sinn Fein to be suspended from the Northern Ireland Assembly, because no one could work with a party holding a terrorist army in the wings.

It is up to the Secretary of State and the Government to convince our people that this Assembly – or the next Assembly – is free for all time from having terrorists in government. Direct rule will not remove the existence of the IRA or persuade society that we are rid of the Provos. When a Provo shoots a Provo, the last thing people expected was that unionists would be punished.

Democrats need to go it alone - without Sinn Fein - until they believe that full democracy is restored here.”


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