UKIP announces roles for Deputy Chairmen Hamilton and Evans


suzanne.pngHamiltonNeil.jpgUKIP has announced new roles for its two Deputy Chairmen, following the appointment of Suzanne Evans earlier this week.

Neil Hamilton takes on responsibility for the Party’s regional development, while Suzanne Evans will take the brief for policy presentation.

Hamilton will work with regional chairmen and organisers to prepare for the forthcoming General Election battle. ”It’s a role I relish. I have always loved going round the country meeting the grassroots supporters, and have always had a great response from them”, said Hamilton.

Suzanne Evans, who was appointed by the UKIP National Executive Committee on Monday, will continue to develop her role as a frontline spokesman, laying out the Party’s policies over the Autumn.

Party Chairman Steve Crowther said:

“I am delighted to have Neil and Suzanne on board to help build our General Election challenge, which will be fought branch-by-branch around the country. We will be unveiling our key policy platforms at our Annual Conference in Doncaster, and we need to get those messages out to every voter, to make sure they understand that UKIP offers a radical and rounded alternative to the old parties”.

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