UKIP Applaud TFL Decision on Uber

Published Sep 22, 2017

Transport for London (TfL) have after much pressure from UKIP's London Assembly Members, decided not to renew Uber's licence to operate in London. Much concern has been raised about Uber's work practices including employing their drivers at very low rates with little rights and how they report serious criminal offences. Uber's desire to protect their brand above their concern for passengers has forced TfL's hand.

The UKIP group in the Greater London Authority had as their first event in City Hall a "Save our Black Cabs" evening to hear the concerns of our black Cab drivers. According to Peter Whittle AM, "this decision by TfL is a decision to put the safety of the public before the profits of foreign companies. Uber thought they could play by different rules but the decision by TfL should give other cities the confidence to say no to Uber. Uber will of course appeal this decision in the courts and the UKIP group in London Assembly will do all we can to make sure our black cabs are treated right and are protected from unfair competition". 


David Kurten AM, who organised the City Hall Taxi Event, said "Our hard work in the Assembly has finally paid of for our Black Cabs. I have asked dozens of questions on the working practices of Uber and questioning their right to hold an operating licence and at last TfL has seen sense".  

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