UKIP are not afraid to say charity begins at home

Published Apr 21, 2017


Responding to the Prime Minister confirming the Conservative Party's commitment to the 0.7% foreign aid funding target, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, "The foreign aid budget which is due to go up to £15 billion by 2020 is an absolute outrage. It costs the British people £30 million every single day.

"UKIP is the only party that wants to see a drastic reduction in the foreign aid budget and to see that money spent on our NHS instead.

"We want to see British taxpayers' money spent here in our country on our own people. We are not afraid to say 'charity begins at home'".

UKIP Foreign Aid spokesman Cllr Lisa Duffy added, "The most secure pathway to prosperity for developing countries is via trade and not aid.

"When Britain leaves the EU we will then be able to sign trade agreements with developing nations that will open up our large consumer markets to them,

"Instead of sending so much of British tax payers money abroad Mrs May should be redirecting funds to our own vital priorities at home such as our NHS, Adult Social Care and Mental Health Services.

"UKIP would cut the Foreign Aid budget by at least £10 billion per year leaving enough to cover emergency aid, child inoculations and clean water projects."

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