UKIP are the only party committed to defending our nation

Published Apr 10, 2015

ukip_defence.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has slammed Tory defence plans after a report in today’s Daily Telegraph told how they would not be making a pre-election commitment to spending 2% of the UK’s national income on defence, as per our NATO commitments.

Mike, who on Tuesday pledged UKIP’s support to spend 2% of GDP on defence, said; “The Tories failure to commit 2% of GDP on defence spending whilst making guarantees of the spending level for overseas aid shows the level of disregard they have for this nation's defence and our armed forces.”

“The lack of a commitment on this issue highlights just how hollow the Tories promises are on defence matters and how Michael Fallon’s support for a four submarine, Trident replacement is totally unrealistic. My biggest fear is that the Conservatives will make further massive cuts to the Army, the Royal Air Force and other parts of the Royal Navy to pay for the Trident replacement programme.”

“UKIP are the only party committed to defending our nation, funding our armed forces and supporting our troops properly.”

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