UKIP backs General Sir Richard Dannatt's comments that it is dangerous to ignore defence issues

Published Mar 30, 2015

Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP’s Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has today praised former head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt for saying in the Daily Telegraph that it was “wrong, complacent and dangerous” to ignore defence issues in the run up to the election. General Dannatt went on to highlighting how voters could switch to UKIP due strong defence pledges.

Mike said, “When someone of the stature of General Dannatt is saying UKIP has got it right on defence, it means a great deal. The fact is that government after government in this country has used our military for political advantage, while at the same time starving the armed forces of the resources they need to operate effectively.”

“I genuinely think that Cameron, Clegg and Miliband have all underestimated how strongly the general public feel about our nation’s defence and how proud people are of our armed forces. The people of the UK can see the number of direct treats to this country building up and they want a strong armed forces that can defend UK interests both now and in the future.”

“That is why UKIP are determined to stop the neglect of our troops and increase the UK’s operational capabilities. We also pledge to properly meet our minimum 2% GDP NATO spending commitment and restore the defence budget to pre SDSR 2010 levels. This will mean an extra £3billion per year being available for defence spending.”

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