UKIP Blast Tory Benefit Raid on Britain's Most Vulnerable People

Published Mar 08, 2016

Tim_hi_res_photo_2015.jpgConservative plans have today passed through the House of Lords which will mean £30 a week benefit cut to the some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: "It is disgusting that the Conservatives have done this when it will do nothing to 'balance the books'.

"They're still borrowing billions a month and have decided to hurt the most vulnerable whilst continuing to throw money oversees.

"The Conservatives believe we should give £55m a day to the EU, £16bn a year in foreign aid and turn a blind eye to billions of pounds of tax avoidance from their friends in big business.

"During the election they claimed to be helping and supporting poorer people but since the day of the result the 'nasty party' has been in overdrive and working-class communities are suffering as a result."

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