UKIP blasts Hollande's comments for UK to be involved in EU defence initiatives

Published Mar 07, 2017

bill5.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Bill Etheridge MEP has blasted François Hollande for calling on the UK to take part in military missions in Africa.

Speaking to five newspapers, the President said France will push for a more integrated European defence policy, something which the remain side in the referendum campaign said would not happen

“In my mind, the UK, even outside the EU, should be associated with that,” he said in an interview ahead of a mini summit in Versailles.

"The EU has the same response to the vote for Brexit as a toddler has to the word 'no'" said UKIP defence spokesman Bill Etheridge MEP.

"We have suffered years of the Blair - Clinton internationalism which saw us get involved in conflicts that were none of our business whilst politicians pushed the 'soft power' strategy which sees us give billions abroad and underfund our own military. It does not work.

"If France want to be part of some EU military colonialism that's up to them but the UK voted no to this. I am sure there are also millions who voted remain who would be against this, perhaps having believed the lies that there would be no EU Army," he added.

"Our military should be for the defence of our nation and under a UKIP administration would be properly funded."

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