UKIP call for Labour to be prosecuted under Racial Equality Law

Published Jan 24, 2018

Following the announcement buy the Equalities and Human Rights Commission that described the Labour Party's differential pricing based on race, UKIP have called for prosecution under equality legislation. 

UKIP Spokesman Ernie Warrender said "As someone who has been at the butt end of years of ignorant mindless Labour supporters making completely unfounded allegations of racism I cannot deny that there is some schadenfreude watching the Labour Party itself acting in a way that even the Equalities and Human Rights Commission describe as "unlawful discrimination".

"However what is clear is that the decision of labour to act in what looks like a clearly racist way is driven by their commitment to group, rather than individual identity.

"No matter how rich someone is, if they are from the BAME community they are discriminated against, and if you are white, no matter how poor, you are advantaged. This leads Labour to idiocies such as this. 

"Paying those they have discriminated refunds is just the start of it, they need prosecuting under the law and a root and branch reform of their complete approach to race relations".

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