UKIP calls for emergency anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel

Published Oct 21, 2015

william_d.jpgThe Appellate Body of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled against China largely upholding the February 2015 Panel’s decision that found that anti-dumping duties imposed by China on imports of European and Japanese high-performance stainless steel tubes were in breach of international trade rules. The European Commission said the verdict was of “systemic importance” as it highlighted “again the shortcomings of Chinese trade defence investigations.”

Responding to this and news of steel plant closures in the UK this week, William Dartmouth MEP, UKIP’s Trade Spokesman and member of the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee said: "I am calling for the introduction of emergency anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel. If the UK re-activated its full membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with full voting and speaking rights, we could make our voices heard right away. Sadly, because we are members of the EU, we must go cap in hand to the European Commissioner on Trade, in a lengthy process necessitating the agreement of 27 other EU states

"Thousands of jobs have been lost in the last week at steel plants throughout the UK because of two main factors; the dumping of Chinese steel and a British steel industry rendered uncompetitive because of exorbitant energy prices, a consequence of the EU’s obsession with carbon emissions.

"Antonio Tajani, EU Industry Commissioner until last year, said that high energy prices ‘are creating an industrial massacre in Europe.’ This is a singular bout of honesty from the European Commission.

"Our current membership of the EU is helping cripple our steel industry by pushing up energy prices and stopping us acting immediately at WTO level. This is just another reason to leave the EU’s political union."

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