UKIP calls for the abolition of the CPS

Published Apr 03, 2018

In the wake of Alison Saunders’ decision to step down as Director of Public Prosecutions, UKIP Leader Gerard Batten is calling on the Government to abolish the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and return that role to the police. Mr. Batten also called on the Government to make root and branch reforms of the way we prosecute crime in the UK.

Mr. Batten said:

"Alison Saunders’ resignation from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is a good start, but the CPS itself needs to be abolished and the power to prosecute handed back to the police.

"Throughout its existence, the CPS has proven to be incompetent and unfit for purpose. Worst of all, it has become politicised and has followed what can only be described as a politically correct agenda.

"Real crimes against persons and property have gone unpunished whilst the fashionable ‘hate crime’ agenda has been prosecuted with vigour.

"We need to return to a system where the police can assess if a prosecution is justified and take the necessary action swiftly".

Dave Moreland, the UKIP Home Affairs spokesman added:

"Until the introduction of the CPS, police officers, especially the CID investigated all offences and charged offenders with the correct offence, using their knowledge and experience to make the decision. The CPS is enormously inexperienced and has made a catalogue of shocking decisions, not least over the Telford abuse revelations and other scandals in order to serve political correctness. They are not and have never been fit for purpose."

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